Automation for filtration

Valmet DCS Automation for filtration

Automation plays an important role in all areas. The area of filtration is no exception to this. Valmet recognizes the importance of automation and offers a wide range of automation solutions to further improve your efficiency and reliability. We call it Valmet DNA.

A data-centric approach

Full-control automation supplier

Global service availability

Certified cybersecurity

Not just a distributed control system

Valmet DNA has been an unrivaled distributed control system (DCS) since 1979. It is a product owned and developed by Valmet, with continuous optimization and R&D in the background. Its user-interface is web-based with user-specific customization, to ensure an always-on always-accessible approach. The goal of this DCS was and is always to make processes more data-centric to ensure continuous proving and improving.

Smart Safety by HIMA

One of our top priorities is to ensure a safe environment. Since our system collects a lot of data, it is important to protect this data at all costs. This is why we co-operated with HIMA to create a seamless integration into Valmet DNA through SafeEthernet. This collaboration has been going on for over 20 years and continues to this day to strenghten the cybersecurity. It is a fully independent safety system according to IEC 61508 - 61511 standards.

Our complete cybersecurity is certified by IEC 62443-4-1 and ISO 27001 standards.

Your full-control automation supplier

Valmet can deliver automation to the biofuels and biomaterials industry, but we like to go one step further and call ourselves your full-control automation supplier. We supply both DCS and control valves, which means you get the decision and action in one package. 

We also offer PlantTriage, an award-winning control loop and field equipment diagnostics system. With PlantTriage, you get to identify hidden control system issues and their root causes, so you stay on top of any problems before they cause you down-time.

Besides all this, we also offer high-fidelity training simulators and advances process controls (APC) to add more fine-tuning to your data and processes.  

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more?

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