Lignin business development with Valmet

New qualities with LignoBoost

Valmet can support the development of your lignin business from the very first steps, and up to full-scale production of lignin. Our small-scale, mobile lignin test unit can easily be transported to your mill for tests with your liquor. This gives you precise indications on what is possible in terms of lignin extraction. You will also get important information on how the extraction with affect your mill's processes, and advice on how this can be handled.

Feasibility studies

A study is an ideal way to start building knowledge. Valmet can assist in clarifying the feasibility and options for lignin extraction, identifying the main lignin characteristics, and developing ideas for possible business opportunities.


Production of lignin samples

Valmet has small lignin extraction units that can be relatively easily set up in a pulp mill. The lignin production is in the gram to kilogram range.

Small-scale production of lignin provides valuable information on the lignin qualities that can be produced at the mill, possible lignin markets and options for lignin extraction.

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Lignin extraction for commercial verification

Pulp producers who want to explore the lignin business can do so with LignoBoost XS. This is a small-scale LignoBoost plant from Valmet. The capacity is up to 500 tonnes of lignin per year, and the plant is delivered in modules for easy transportation and installation.

More information on LignoBoost XS here.

The press release from Klabin, the first company to install LignoBoost XS, can be found here.


Commercial-scale plants

Valmet has built two commercial-scale lignin extraction plants.

The biggest LignoBoost® plant Valmet has built to date is the one delivered to Stora Enso’s mill in Sunila. This plant has a design capacity of 50,000 tonnes of lignin per year. Sunila wanted to be able to use the lignin that was not sold as fuel in the lime kiln. Valmet's delivery therefore included a lignin dryer and equipment for handlijg and transporting lignin.

Stora Enso recently announced an investment of EUR 14 million to build a granulation and packing plant for lignin at the Sunila mill.

The picture to the right shows the lignin extraction plant at the Domtar Plymouth mill in the USA.


Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward utilizing our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of pulp process technology. Get in touch with our experts through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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