Valmet Slab Press

Baling line for flash dried pulp

The Valmet Slab Press is a well-proven and world-leading bale-forming machine for flash dried pulp. As part of a Valmet Baling line, it offers efficient operation, high availability and high capacity in producing bales that meet the highest levels of consistency for shape, weight and density.

Well-proven bale forming solution

Uniform bales and bale units

Consistent bale weight and high bale density

Minimum dust problems

A well-proven and reliable solution

The Slab press has a fatigue resistant preloaded
tension rod frame. This proven design – introduced in 1987 – consists of a top and a bottom yoke with column sleeves in between, all connected by four preloaded tension rods. By minimizing stress loads on all frame parts, the design ensures a long service life. The Slab press has become the world-leading bale former in CTMP flash-drying plants.

Uniform bales

Based on the latest technology and Valmet’s extensive experience in bale forming solutions, the Slab press offers superior uniformity in production of bales and bale units. A high-precision monitoring system for incoming pulp equalizes the pulp levels in the two chutes from the cooling cyclone to ensure uniform bales.

Excellent weight consistency

Two automatic systems combined to ensure the highest possible bale weight consistency is achieved. Firstly, the desired bale weight is preset via a pulse encoder, which controls the pulp infeeding screws. This preset value is automatically adjusted, depending on the previous bale weights on the integrated scale conveyor. Secondly, the pulp is not fed into the press mould until the pulp has reached a minimum level in both feed chutes.

Continuous improvements

The Slab press is being continuously improved to enhance cost-efficient operation. Important benefits include minimized power consumption and maintenance costs, and the reduction of dust emissions.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

We at Valmet are committed to moving our customers performance forward and ensure smooth, disruption-free operation, supporting you all the way.

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