Valmet Bale Conveyor System

Guarantees long service life, safe operation and easy maintenance

Valmet's range of bale conveyors is based upon years of experience in handling pulp bales. The heavy-duty design guarantees a long life, safe operation and easy maintenance. Valmet Bale Conveyor System is used in pulp producing lines (sheet dried and flash dried), as well as in pulp receiving lines for recipe handling, de-wiring and pulper feeding. All conveyors are available in a large number of variants optimized to handle different capacities, pulp qualities, bale weights and bale dimensions. The baling system is adaptive and flexible. Each conveyor is equipped with its own PLC and software that provides precision control of the bales.

Integration in line control system

Variants for full customization

Access to Valmet's conveyor expertise

Maximum safety

Variants for full customization

Conveyors are available in a number of designs for customized solutions, enabling optimization to handle different capacities, pulp qualities, bale weights and bale dimensions. We can provide solutions for everything from unprocessed bales to bale storage in pulp producing lines, or pulp receiving lines, from bale storage to pulper. Valmet not only has a comprehensive conveyor range, but also the expertise necessary to identify the solution for your specific needs.


Designed for long service life

The conveyor frame is composed of welded sections with the optimum number of legs to ensure sturdy and reliable continuous operation. Conveyor chains are driven by an underslung reversible gear motor, which is coupled to a common shaft to ensure no speed differences between chains. This guarantees a long service life, safe operation and easy maintenance.

Conveyors complete the concept

As the leading supplier of the most productive lines for paper and pulp making, Valmet is committed to enhancing its customers’ competitiveness by developing and supplying best-in-class technology.

Valmet Baling offers the most sophisticated technology of its kind in the world for baling operations – complete baling line solutions with an optimized combination of highly reliable machines, sophisticated control system to match each customer’s specific line requirements.

The conveyors are fully integrated in the Valmet Baling Control System. All the conveyor and line machine control desks are linked by a communication bus, which provides a highly effective communication network, making commissioning fast and easy, and ensuring smooth, coordinated control of bale handling.

Each conveyor is intended for automatic operation, but can also be operated manually from the user-friendly control desk, which features a graphical touch display and PLC control equipment for making adjustments and accessing diagnostic routines.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

We at Valmet are committed to moving our customers performance forward and ensure smooth, disruption-free operation, supporting you all the way.

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