Spare parts for pulp drying machines

Reliable spare parts to support your maintenance operations

High-quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts, upgraded parts, and retrofits to restore normal equipment or system operation. We offer daily spare parts, parts for shutdowns, and comprehensive spare part packages in connection with capital projects, all complemented by convenient online purchasing.


High-quality spare parts with the latest available technology at the right time at your mill. OEM competence and resources to help you achieve your targets 24/7. 

Cost savings

Through close cooperation with your material management for inventory optimization.  


Spare parts close to you through our global logistics network and inventories.


As a one-stop shop, we supply all the parts for all your needs. Convenient online purchasing with easy parts identification. 

OEM reliability conveniently. Valmet Spare Parts.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many of the legacy brands, we offer a wide selection of high-quality spare parts for machines manufactured by Valmet and its various predecessors 

With a deep history rooted in legacy brands like Black Clawson-Kennedy, Celleco, Sunds Defibrator and Tampella, you can rely on a holistic view of expertise in pulp drying technology.  

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Daily spares

The Valmet daily spares concept includes a full range of engineered parts, upgraded retrofit parts, and replacement and commercial parts, such as Beloit fabrics guide, spare parts kit for baling, cutting arm with replaceable cutting edge and cutter layboy press wheels. All daily spares are designed and manufactured in line with very strict quality requirements for pulp drying machines. 

Valmet, with its various predecessors, is your true partner in restoring your normal equipment or system operation every day. 

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Spare part packages

As our customer you are offered a spare part package in connection with a delivery of a new production line or a rebuild project. The packages include the spare parts crucial for a trouble-free, smooth start-up. A spare part package can be seen as insurance: the more comprehensive the spare package, the smaller the risk of a failed machine start-up due to a lack of spares.  

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Questions about spare parts?

Questions about spare parts?

If you wish to get further information like technical specifications, need a quotation, or wish to discuss different solutions, fill in the contact form and our experts will contact you shortly.

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Shutdown management 

Ensure safety and minimize downtime and risks like material shortage with our proactive shutdown planning services. Be sure you know the spare part needs related to maintenance shutdowns and reduce the workload of work planners and your supply chain resources.  

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eStore – online shopping

A handy one-stop channel to find, identify and purchase the correct spare parts.  Ask for technical support and get access to your mill-specific data. 

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24/7 Support in emergency situations

24/7 Support in emergency situations

Our 24-hour service helps you every day of the year and ensures that your machine’s critical parts and specialist support are always within reach.

24-hours service

Original high-quality parts from Original Equipment Manufacturer 

  • Ahlström 
  • Black Clawson-Kennedy 
  • Celleco 
  • Defibrator 
  • Dominion 
  • GL&V 
  • IMPCO 
  • Jylhävaara 
  • Kamyr 
  • Karhula 
  • Kvaerner Pulping 
  • Metso 
  • Neles Controls 
  • Rauma Repola
  • Sunds Defibrator 
  • Santasalo 
  • Tampella 
  • Tampulping 
  • Valmet 
  • Valmet-KMW 

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