Customer case:

Liansheng Pulp & Paper PM 1 carton board line and PM 3 high-grade fine paper line

Mar 14, 2024

Valmet’s cooperation with Liansheng has continued to deepen by the start-up of carton board production line PM 1 and high-grade fine paper production line PM 3 in May 2023 in their Zhangpu site. Extensive and reliable technology by Valmet, including maintenance services, automation systems, flow control and Industrial Internet applications, enables Liansheng to transition into new markets with the deliveries of PM 1 and PM 3.

Liansheng and Valmet crew in front of Liansheng Pulp & Paper PM3 carton board line

Having one single technology supplier to the entire production process significantly enhances the staff’s ability to work, reduces their need to adapt and increases operational stability. Second, identical process spare parts reduce inventory and are more cost-effective. Most importantly, Valmet’s equipment, from BCTMP to pulping to paper machines, is very stable, ensuring the stability of paper quality."

Huang Ju, General Manager of Liansheng Pulp and Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.,


Location Zhangpu site, Zhangzhou, China

PM 1 high-speed carton board line, from broke collection to a reel and winders


PM 3 high-speed, high-grade fine paper line, from broke collection to a reel and winders


The deliveries for both machines also include a wide range of automation solutions, with a Valmet DNA automation system for machine controls, as well as runnability and condition monitoring, web monitoring and web inspection systems, and a Valmet IQ quality management solution. The delivery for PM 3 was further complemented by Valmet RM 3 retention measurement and a Valmet WEM wet end analyzer. The deliveries also included comprehensive flow control solutions, Valmet Paper Machine Clothing, spare parts and consumables packages.


In May 2023 the carton board production line PM 1 was operational half a month ahead of schedule. The machine was successfully started up on May 1, and sellable A-grade carton board was produced three days later. Ten days later, the product was placed on the market, and customers highly appreciated the paper’s bulk and flatness. The speed at which the production and quality of the carton board was achieved exceeded downstream customers’ expectations.

A month later the high-grade fine paper production line PM 3 was also successfully started up. Sizing was successful on the first day and all the produced fine paper passed quality inspections very early on. Customers are very satisfied with the uniformity, smoothness, and even two-sidedness. At the same time, PM 3’s start-up curve is exemplary: The average speed in October 2023 was 1,650  m/min, with a production of 50,100 tonnes, and the current speed (as of November 2023) has reached 1,708  m/min.

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Technical data


PM 1 carton board

Basis weight range: 210 - 350 g/m²


PM 3 high-grade fine paper (printing papers)

Basis weight range: 50 - 100 g/m²

Technical information

PM 1 carton board line

Wire width: 8 850 mm

Design speed: 1400 m/min


PM 3 high-grade fine paper line

Wire width: 11 150 mm

Design speed: 1800 m/min

Start-up  May and June 2023