OptiFlo Gap headbox

High-performance headbox for papermakers that ask for more

The new OptiFlo headbox family brings together our unrivaled expertise and new technology, opening the door to improved quality and increased productivity in all forming applications. Valmet’s high-performance headbox is ideal solution for gap forming applications, in order to meet today’s high papermaking demands on different paper grades.

Excellent profiles and perfect visual appearance

Optimized raw material usage

High operating speed and good runnability

Proven technology for secure investment

OptiFlo Gap headbox for demanding gap forming applications

The key elements of the OptiFlo Gap headbox are its completely redesigned headbox turbulence generator and a slice channel built using composite wedge technology. These innovations allow a consistent and disturbance-free slice jet. The key objectives of the OptiFlo Gap headbox are first to achieve optimal fiber suspension fluidization and then to maintain this optimal fluidization without disturbance across the forming section.

Experiences from several production machines show that homogenous slice jet quality yields excellent paper properties. This gap forming headbox design maximizes the utilization of raw material strength potential, which enables the use of more cost-effective raw materials.

The two-layer OptiFlo Gap headbox can produce a two-ply sheet using a gap forming unit. OptiFlo II and OptiFlo Pro headbox applications are available under the renewed name OptiFlo Gap headbox.

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Want to talk to our headbox experts?

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