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Valmet's OptiConcept M containerboard making line successfully started-up at Shanying Huazhong in China

Dec 12, 2019

On December 06, 2019, Shanying Huazhong Paper Industry started-up successfully and smoothly their Valmet-supplied OptiConcept M containerboard line (PM 21). It took only 2.5 hours to get paper from stock on wire to reel. The sellable paper quality was reached just after the first jumbo reel. By increasing its production capacity, Shanying is aiming for bigger market shares.

Successful start-up at Shanying Huazhong in China
Since this is a greenfield project, there were many unexpected incidents, which were solved fast by the Shanying and Valmet teams working persistently. Owing for the hard work, the start-up was very good and smooth. I’m very happy for the excellent cooperation between Valmet and Shanying teams; the project was great."
Feng Junxian, General Manager of Shanying Huazhong Paper Industry
I have been really satisfied with the good collaboration between Valmet and Shanying during the whole project phase, especially in the start-up. The machine start-up was really successful, and now we will continue working together to reach the targeted paper machine performance.”
Sami Kiviharju, Project Manager of Valmet


Location Shanying Huazhong Paper Industry, Jingzhou city in Hubei Province, China

Valmet's delivery includes a high-speed OptiConcept M containerboard making line from broke collection to reel.

PM 21 producing fluting grades will be equipped with OptiFlo Gap headbox with Aqua layering technology for two-layer sheet production with very good layer coverage using only one headbox and a forming unit, as well as OptiFormer Gap former with shoe and blade technology enabling high capacity at high speed, which is the key feature of efficient lightweight containerboard manufacturing. Former with shoe and blade technology gives good strength properties, uniform CD profiles and excellent board formation.

Results Smooth and successful start-up took only 2.5 hours to get paper from stock on wire to reel. New production line (PM 21) with a wide automation package is designed to produce high-quality testliner grades.
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Technical data

Grades Testliner
Basis weight 80 - 130 g/m2
Design speed 1,500 m/min
Delivery Scope

OptiConcept M containerboard line with