HD visible camera and thermal sensor for lime kilns

Valmet Furnace Visible Thermal Imaging System

Lime kiln camera on a rail mount

The Valmet Furnace Visible Thermal Imaging System is a robust digital imaging and thermal sensing solution that provides visual and thermal analysis for optimizing fuel combustion and lime quality in lime kilns.

Increase energy efficiency - Achieve better, more precise flame control

Reduce emissions - Optimize combustion for lower NOx and dusting

Improve safety - Prevent risks through accurate, real-time monitoring

Kiln monitoring with maximum availability

Critical to white liquor and recausticizing processes, optimizing combustion in lime kilns is an essential part of overall performance. Poor combustion leads to reduced availability and reburned lime quality.

The Valmet Furnace Visible Thermal Imaging System is an advanced solution with high-definition imaging and temperature analysis ideally suited for lime kiln applications. Engineered for durability and longevity, the system delivers a low maintenance, high availability monitoring for challenging combustion applications.

Complete combustion process monitoring

The specially engineered kiln camera features a reliable, yet economical sliding rail mount with a small installation footprint. The installation can include automated retraction to protect the camera from overheating if power or air pressure is lost.

Designed for comprehensive observation and analysis of kiln environments, the Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System provides reliable insights from start-up to full load conditions. The kiln camera can be used for burner monitoring, real-time temperature measurement, and flame profiling.

The kiln camera installation can also include an integrated Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging, Lite cooler camera. This unit with simplified optics and auto gain/contrast features effectively monitors grate and cooler conditions to help prevent buildup and improve safety.

Turning this valuable data into meaningful action is the job of the Valmet Furnace Image Processing Suite. Our suite of software applications, including the Valmet Basic Viewer, Reporting and Analytics, and Visible Thermal Viewer deliver a complete range of easy-to-use analysis and reporting for both visual and temperature data.

Real-time information on lime kiln flame temperature and profile

The flame profiling software is an add-on application for Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System. The software detects the flame, measures its relative size, and provides distance measurements from the end of the detected flame to user defined markers. These features help to optimize fuel combustion, increase availability and reduce emissions. At the same time, they improve safety by offering users a better understanding of the current conditions. 

The software is used in conjunction with the Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System which provides an HD visible image paired with a high-resolution thermal sensor for real-time temperature measurements.

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