Meet tightening environmental legislation and reporting need

Emission monitoring solutions for power plants and pulp mills

Valmet provides advanced solutions for emission monitoring and reporting for large combustion plants, waste incineration and co-incineration plants as well as pulp mills. The solutions are based on the Valmet DNA Information Management system and produce all the necessary information both for the plant’s or mill’s own needs and for authorities to enable smooth, effortless and comprehensive emission reporting.

Real-time and proactive emissions management with reliable emission data

All information required by the authorities for emission reporting available in one database

Time savings with effective reporting routines and active handling of environmental knowledge

Efficient analysis in disturbance situations

Compliance with regulatory directives

Tightening environmental legislation and an increasing need for efficient emission monitoring and reporting demand a systematic approach to power plant data management. Valmet DNA Emission Monitoring Applications fulfill the monitoring criteria of the Industrial Emission Directive (2010/75/EU), the BAT reference documents for power plants and the EN 14181 standard. The applications are configurable to meet the plant’s or mill’s environmental permit requirements. Also, the requirements of the EN 17255-1 standard can be fulfilled on request.

Retrieve historical data any time

Valmet’s Emission Monitoring Applications ensure efficient centralized environmental information management. To improve environmental knowledge, the applications provide actual information on deviations, disturbance notifications and their reasons, as well as any problem-solving actions taken. The applications also enable long-term reporting and trend follow-up for different user groups. Measurements, calculated values and relevant data from external data sources are stored and can be examined further with the data analysis tools.


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