Increased turbine availability and efficiency

Valmet DNA System Monitoring and Reporting for Turbines

The Valmet DNA System Monitoring and Reporting for Turbines (DNA Smart) application gives power plant personnel detailed information about gas and steam turbine startups as well as their condition and operating efficiency – both in real time and retrospectively. The application provides informative visual data analysis in a single web-based user interface. This helps personnel detect potential problems and even benchmark their entire turbine fleet.

Efficient monitoring of one turbine or an entire fleet

Improved turbine condition and efficiency by providing information from various perspectives

Proactive response to failures before they cause unpredicted shutdowns

Deep insight into machine behavior with integrated start-up and coast-down analysis

Summarizing the most important turbine KPIs

DNA Smart is an extension of the Valmet DNA Turbine Performance Monitoring application and is suitable for all kinds of rotating equipment.

Depending on the particular turbine type, the tool includes calculations of various performance parameters, such as heat balance, turbine inlet temperature, specific fuel consumption, heat rate, thermal efficiency, electrical efficiency and many more. All calculations are built in accordance with appropriate industrial standards for gas and steam turbines.

Analyze the process in greater detail

The DNA Smart application helps power plant operators find the best ways to start up and coast down turbines by comparing past and actual startups against reference values.

Its advanced data analysis tools enable users to closely control specific points of interest, including follow-up of equipment degradation.

Easy-to-use, tailored displays

With DNA Smart, key performance and maintenance data is conveniently presented in a user-friendly graphical dashboard with customized reports and graphs. As an OEM-independent solution, it can be applied to any turbine on the market. Its open and flexible platform ensures easy customization to the specific features of each unit. The application is seamlessly linked to the overall automation applications, guaranteeing efficient collaboration between plant management and plant control.

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