High-precision scanning for demanding applications

Valmet IQ Scanner L

The Valmet IQ Scanner L is the workhorse of Valmet's quality control systems. Suitable for a wide range of machine sizes, the scanner uses Valmet’s unique adaptive double-sided scanning to deliver precise online quality data.

Edge-to-edge scanning for measurement widths from 1.5 to 10.5 meters

Sturdy construction with easy access ensures precise, stable and reliable operation

Industrial Internet for digital integration and efficient fleet management

Adaptive scanning for best results

The Valmet IQ Scanner L intelligently adjusts scanning speed to match the real-time quality control needs of the process.  Varying scanning speeds ensure CD profiles are quickly on target after process changes, while MD quality is stabilized as quickly as possible.


Reliable measurements with flexibility

A single Valmet IQ Scanner L holds up to eight individual measurement sensors. The modular platform with a common framework for adding and servicing sensors makes adjustment and management easy.

The IQ Measurements also feature standardized designs that not only increase accuracy and reliability, but contribute to low maintenance needs. A small operating panel on the frame allows the scanner head to be locally controlled for fast visual inspection.


Future-proof scanners for stable quality over a lifetime

Engineered for harsh and dusty environments, the Valmet IQ Scanner L has an extremely sturdy yet compact frame built for trouble-free operation. The scanner is equipped with readymade cable assemblies with connectors  for easy maintenance.

Forward compatibility is guaranteed with full support for Valmet Industrial Internet solutions, making future automation easier to integrate. All scanner diagnostics are available for efficient fleet management.