Accurate online measurements for total quality control

Valmet IQ Measurements

Valmet IQ Measurements, part of the Valmet IQ Quality Control System, deliver reliable raw data for improving quality and achieving higher process efficiency.

Advanced diagnostics with on-board signal processing and communications

Fit-for-purpose measurements with Industry-leading sensor technology

Easy servicing and interchangeability through common design features

Intelligent sensors for every quality characteristic

Modular intelligent sensors with extensive diagnostics provide the accurate quality measurements required for a host of control and process management functions. From high-resolution imaging to x-ray, infrared and microwave technology, Valmet IQ Measurements deliver precision measurements for quality control systems.

Our extensive non-nuclear sensor portfolio for basis weight and dryness provides accurate measurement without needing special certification or concern for radiation safety.

Compact sensor heads are easily interchangeable, and all feature on-board signal processing and ethernet communications. Valmet IQ Measurements share common design features that increase accuracy and reliability with minimum maintenance requirements. All IQ Sensors share common design features that increase accuracy and reliability while simplifying maintenance. Controlled environments inside the sensor heads, with purge air and water cooling or heating, ensure maximum stability and reliability.

Measure quality anywhere in the process

Valmet IQ Measurements are designed to be used in Valmet IQ Scanners. For certain applications and process environments, there are better ways to collect quality data than a full-sized scanner.

To provide the best possible moisture management, Valmet offers the IQ Multipoint Moisture, Single-Sided IR Moisture and IQ Dryness Measurements. These custom-built sensors can be used for standalone installations where operating environment requires a small installation footprint.

Reliable measurements over a lifetime

Valmet offers a life cycle service for Valmet IQ measurements. The service package designed especially for sensors that have been in use for several years.

Complete testing of sensor electronics and mechanics ensure functionality and provide important information about the condition of the measurement. Worn parts are replaced and water-cooling system is upgraded to meet the latest requirements. An advanced online diagnostics tool is also included in the life cycle service package, providing valuable information about the system to help maintain the scanner and the measurements and resolve problems.

For servicing IQ measurements, please contact your local Valmet expert.