OptiFormer Gap for board

Perfect forming solution for lightweight containerboard

gap former

OptiFormer Gap forming section with roll and blade technology is an optimal concept for lightweight recycled fiber-based fluting and linerboard for high-speed applications.

Uniform visual appearance of the end product

Good strength properties and uniform CD profiles

Excellent formation

High-speed potential and high drainage capacity

High production efficiency and quality

High capacity at a high speed is the key feature of efficient lightweight containerboard manufacturing. Good runnability is a prerequisite. The paper must be produced with less and/or lower quality raw material, it must be strong and visually attractive, and perform well in corrugators.

Low operating costs

OptiFormer Gap is an energy-efficient concept that provides also raw material savings through lightweight production from recycled raw materials. The forming concept is designed for efficient maintenance operations providing a safe working environment.

gap former

Energy saving potential of OptiFormer Gap for board

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Want to talk to our forming section experts?

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