IntelliJet V headbox

An intelligent solution for smart paper production

Every feature of the IntelliJet V is meticulously crafted to enhance the papermaking process, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Advanced customization options are one of the headbox’s key features. Our team of experienced engineers are able to tailor the IntelliJet V to specific customers’ requirements, ensuring seamless integration into papermaking operations.

High CD Profiles Uniformity and Production Stability

Excellent Sheet Formation and High Controllability

High Reliability & Operators Friendly Design

Excellent quality and sheet formation 

High CD Profile Uniformity 

High CD profile uniformity is achieved due to high quality manufacturing including laser welding and electropolishing. In addition, design features such as a parabolic header, in-line tube bank and dilution control help ensure excellent CD profiles.  

Production Stability 

Production stability is thanks to a fully hydraulic system and optimized turbulence out of the tube bank. The IntelliJet V can be paired with either a horizontal or vertical pulsation attenuator to minimize any MD disturbances created upstream of the headbox.  

Excellent Sheet Formation 

A high head loss tube bank design, divider sheets & optimized nozzle geometry maintain the highest level of sheet formation. 

High Controllability  

Header pressure balancing, edge flow controls and deckle boards allow control of fiber orientation. Additionally, slice lip profiling, jet geometry control, thermal stabilization and a dilution control system help to optimize and ensure cross direction profile stability. The IntelliJet V design provides headbox stability even at high pressures. 

Clean Operation  

Proper design of the entire headbox supply system from the header through the nozzle, including high nozzle velocities, superior surface smoothness and electropolishing, allow for clean operation.  

High Reliability & Operator Friendly Design  

Good access to the interior of the headbox is thanks to a pivoting cross machine header and pondsides that open past 90 degrees. A central lubrication panel assures easy maintenance. 

How to plan a successful rebuild?

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Looking for headbox related services?

We provide a wide range of professional headbox maintenance and testing services to get the best out of your headbox. These services make it possible to eliminate web streakiness and jet inaccuracy, to lower the need for slice opening adjustments, and to improve dry weight profiles.

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