OptiWin Drum two-drum base winder

Reliable winding for medium-width lines

The OptiWin two-drum base winder is renowned for its extreme robustness and utmost reliability. It is ideal for grades that tolerate a high nip loads, such as linerboard, corrugating medium, uncoated wood-free, and DIP news. The level of automation is high to reach high capacity.

High capacity

Excellent web separation

Robust construction ensures trouble free operation and superior roll quality

Easy operation

Valmet winders have the best spreading available on the market, it is based to geometrical separation instead of friction separation used by other suppliers. Geometrical spreading is not affected by tension profiles or web speeds. Webs are parallel after the separation and do not cause concave rolls like with friction spreading do.

We invite you to carry out your winding trials at Paper Technology Center. All winding technologies can be tried out with your own paper or board.

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Want to talk to our winders and roll handling experts?

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