Solutions to improve board and paper quality

Solutions for optimal quality at the lowest cost

Quality issues are high on the agenda of every board and paper mill, as optimal quality needs to be produced at the lowest possible cost. We offer a wide scope of solutions and services for better end product quality, from stock preparation to finishing. Stabilizing running processes in all phases of the process leads to cost-effective quality improvements that do not require major investments. We and our customers share the same targets: optimal quality at the lowest possible cost, consistently in all shifts.

Finding the root causes of poor quality

Our experts perform paper structure analyses that offer insight into disturbances in quality issues. Fiber orientation, formation, curl, bulk, smoothness, gloss and other quality factors are evaluated in laboratory conditions, including benchmarking and recommendations.

Better quality starts with stock preparation 

Quality improvements in stock preparation do not just result in better stock quality – they also lead to energy savings and improved production efficiency. All stock can be treated more evenly with our refining concepts, such as OptiFiner Pro. This high-capacity refiner provides the same or improved strength properties with lower costs. The enhanced bonding ability of the fibers improves paper machine runnability, resulting in better printability, fewer web breaks and a uniform refining result. 

Lost quality levels can be reinstated and profiles restored in a cost-effective way with our headbox maintenance. Our headbox services provide a stable basis weight and even profiles throughout the production line, also improving end product quality.

Improved formation for better quality 

In the forming section, paper and board quality can be affected through furnish optimization and more uniform profiles, as well as improved strength and formation properties. If the target quality can be produced using cheaper furnish, the results are visible in the bottom line. 

Valmet Breast Roll Shaker 120 is the latest addition to our range of quality improvement solutions in the forming section. This self-balancing breast roll shaker achieves the same strength properties with a lower basis weight, resulting in a smoother surface and better printability for paper and board.

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High surface quality all the way to finishing

Calendering is the last step that can affect paper and board properties such as brightness, gloss and opacity. Calendering rebuilds are great opportunities for improving quality for all paper and board grades through better profiles and higher temperatures. 

Good end product quality can still be spoiled by uneven winding of customer rolls. Ragged cuts cause unnecessary customer complaints and uneven quality. Reliability, minimized surface core waste and excellent roll runnability in winding can be achieved with winder modernizations. 

Quality optimization with iRoll technology 

Valmet’s iRoll technology can be used at different stages of the papermaking process to optimize quality with the help of smart analytics and online control tools. iRoll adjusts tension and parent roll hardness profiles, reducing wrinkles and resulting in firm rolls with no defects. 

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