Machine screening

High screening capacity and efficiency

  • Uniform flow of stock throughout the screen basket area
  • Optimal velocity difference between stock rotation and flow
  • Drop-in pressure across the screen basket minimized 
  • Efficient removal of impurities

High availability and reliable operation

  • Robust design
  • Precision cleaning of interior surfaces
  • Easy maintenance

The optimal solution for high screening capacity and efficiency

Valmet Machine Screen ensures risk-free operation of paper, board and tissue machines. The outflow-type machine screen, with its innovative rotor and foil designs, ensures efficient impurity removal.

Valmet Machine Screen technology’s screening efficiency is based on the design features of the outflow-type screen and the interaction of the patented rotor and foil. Pulsations are minimized by the overlapping and inclined positioning of the foils combined with the foil shape and the screen body’s profiled electropolished surfaces. Valmet’s machine screening features a robust outflow design, sturdy rotor and foil support, and durable screen baskets.

Available in vertical and horizontal designs, the machine screens can be operated with both slotted and hole screen baskets.