Stock mixing

Advanced mixing technology for stock dilution and additive dosing

Valmet offers advanced mixing technologies for thick stock mixing and retention aid mixing. These solutions are suitable both for new installations as well as for upgrading existing systems.

Thick stock mixing with Valmet Stock Mixer

Valmet Stock Mixer dilutes the stock with white water. It is suitable for both the first and second dilution stages. The mixing nozzle is very easy to install at the end of the innermost stock pipe where it enhances mixing even with very small velocity differences between jets. Valmet Stock Mixer is also an excellent tool for mixing additives such as fixatives, fillers, and dyes.


Retention aid mixing with Valmet Retention Aid Mixer

Typically installed after the machine screen, the Valmet Retention Aid Mixer ensures good penetration and stable distribution of retention aid or other papermaking additives. Unique mixing wedges generate turbulence to enhance homogeneous flocculation and eliminate potential dirt build-up. The more uniform chemical distribution lowers retention aid consumption, reduces MD and CD variation as well as noticeably improving formation.