Combination Hydrocyclones

Forward combination hydrocyclones are utilized to efficiently remove both heavy and certain light weight contaminates in one cleaner body. Valmet is the technology leader in combination hydrocyclones, offering high-performance solutions for any hydrocyclone system application.  Valmet also offers a combination hydrocyclone version of the SLP Reverse Hydrocyclone for a secondary water quality accepts flow that can be used in various dilution applications.

As the OEM for legacy hydrocyclone brands such as Albia®, Beloit, GL&V® and Celleco®, Valmet has the proven systems, parts, service and expertise to keep you’re your cleaning performance moving forward – no matter what the application.

Valmet Hydrocyclone A500

Featuring a turbo inlet head that helps reduce fiber losses and minimize the energy load, this hydrocyclone alternative is rooted in the legacy of Albia® hydrocyclone technology. Valmet Hydrocyclone A500 was formerly known across the industry as the Albia® 500 Hydrocyclone.

Valmet Hydrocyclone 700 LD

Stable, high-efficiency combination hydrocyclone where contaminants with a specific gravity (greater than 1; and less than 1) are efficiently removed through the unique inlet head design. Valmet Hydrocyclone Cleanpac 700 LD can also be configured for heavy contaminant removal along with deareating the furnish.


Valmet Hydrocyclone SLP RC

A high-efficiency, reverse hydrocyclone designed to remove small, low density particles in virgin and recycled fiber pulp mills. Formerly known as the Slidepac® Reverse Hydrocyclone, this flexible hydrocyclone comes from the proven OEM legacies of Celleco® and GL&V®. Valmet Hydrocyclone SLP RC is the combination model.