Neles NDX™ 2.0 valve controller

One controller can do it all

Neles NDX™ valve controller provides a sustainable solution for all process industries, valves and applications globally, regardless of customer or industry. With its modular design, Neles NDX 2.0 is easy to install, use and service.

Universal valve control performance

Universal and sustainable valve control performance – for all valves, industries and applications. One controller can do it all. Modularity makes it the easy choice. Designed for sustainable performance. See the Neles NDX animation to learn more.

Modular next generation valve controller

The Neles NDX 2.0 has universal performance, meaning it can be put on top of any valve or actuator. The next-generation valve controller is a versatile solution for all actuator sizes, linear or rotary action.

The NDX 2.0 has been designed to meet the needs of varying markets and industries, like petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas. It provides interoperability to the most common automation systems. In addition, we have been developing the usability and simplicity of the controller based on customer feedback. These developments enable safer and even more reliable day-to-day operations.

Sustainability and efficiency at the core

The Neles NDX 2.0 offers significant savings in air consumption and, consequently, in energy efficiency. The pneumatic relay of the controller has been redesigned so that it consumes approximately 80 to 90 percent less air than the conventional controllers. Thanks to the lower air consumption, the NDX 2.0 provides significant energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions throughout its lifecycle.

Reliability with long experience

Did you know we have a long history in the design and manufacture of valve positioners? For over 60 years, we have provided best in class Neles™ control valves for pulp and paper industry. During the years, we have grown into a global provider of valve controllers for variety of industries. We interviewed Niklas Lindfors, Director, Positioners, about our journey to becoming a pioneer in positioner manufacturing.

The development of Neles NDX valve controller


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