That Feeling When…Collaboration results in Customer Solutions

Feb 6, 2024

Since joining the refiner segment production team in 2019, Larry has been responsible for designing product for the refiner segment line and provides engineering support to the foundry operations team in Waukesha.

The reason I come to work every day is that there are always new challenges to face in the paper industry. We have a singular mission to convert scrap metals into the refiner segments that our customers need."

About 96% of the material comes from recycling sources and then the focus is on continually improving the way that we get that from the customer order and information intake to the product going out the door.

One of the most challenging things that Larry and his team encounter are the ever-changing needs of their customers. Larry and his fellow Valmeteers meet those challenges by partnering with the customers and the experts across Valmet in the industry finding ways to provide a solution that meets their specific goals.

We have a lot of great experts across Valmet and I get to work with a lot of them and learn new things everyday!”

Larry notes that one of the many great things about working at Valmet is the focus and commitment to HSE and how health, safety, and environmental concerns are built right into Valmet's vision and strategy.

In the end, working at Valmet can be summed up in one word for Larry - opportunity!

Working at a company like Valmet, there's a lot of opportunities for career development and upward mobility.”

Thank you, Larry, for constantly striving for perfection and finding joy in the challenge!