That feeling when…NA employer branding campaign continues in 2024

Feb 5, 2024

As we reflect upon a year filled with insightful interviews and compelling narratives, Valmet remains steadfast in its commitment to celebrating the individuals who propel our organization forward. In 2023 our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) campaign in North America served as a testament to the values, aspirations, and experiences that define our company culture.

Employee Value Proposition campaign

Building on Success

Last year's campaign emphasized key themes such as technology/innovation, sustainability, career growth, and work/life balance. As we begin 2024, we remain committed to showcasing these core principles by featuring 16 new interviews from a diverse array of roles and responsibilities with an additional 2 interviews that were conducted in Portuguese. These interviews will offer invaluable insights into our employees' unique journeys, aspirations, and contributions, further solidifying our position as an employer of choice in North America.

Employees roundtable

We will also continue to leverage various channels—including our website, social media platforms, career fairs, and targeted advertisements—to promote the campaign internally and externally. The official hashtag #NextStepForwardwithValmet will serve as a beacon, guiding individuals to our dedicated North American campaign page, where they can explore employee stories, job opportunities, and more. Lastly, a North American ‘Life’ tab on LinkedIn has been established. The geographically targeted page serves as an introduction to the Valmet's company culture in North America through company photos, employee testimonials, and more.

Join Us on this Exciting Journey

We encourage you to engage with our campaign and to share our materials with friends and family who may be looking for a great career.

Thank you for your continued support, participation, and dedication to making Valmet a truly exceptional place to work. Check back for the first of our upcoming employee spotlights, insights, and stories that exemplify what it means to be part of the Valmet family.