Clothing for pulp drying machines

High resistance against thermal, chemical and mechanical stress

Valmet's PDM clothing development is based on customer needs. Our clothing offering and designs are tailor-made to fulfill each individual customers' performance and quality demands.

Stable runnability

Excellent dewatering

Long lifetime

Easy to keep clean

During the past years we have achieved very good results as a start-up supplier for new pulp drying machines. And the good collaboration continues ensuring a reliable process performance in the operation phase. As some of our customers have put it:

We have had very good experience with Valmet’s fabrics in our eucalyptus line. Usually, Valmet is run 100% in the press section (belts and felts) with very good performance and predictability that allows the achievement of the production goals and the planned shutdown program."
- Production Line Manager, Nueva Aldea, Chile

Since the start-up in 2013, IC1 and IC2 are performing with a daily production of around 5000 tons. One of the keys for the stability and keeping production on high level are related to Valmet Forming Fabrics and Shoe Press Belts.

I´d like to point out the lifetime of Valmet Forming Fabrics (500 days in average) and Valmet Black Belts (750 days in average) that allow us planned changes ensuring good budget control and excellent operational stability.”
- Production Manager of the Pulp mill, Suzano Imperatriz, Brazil

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