Filter fabrics for white liquor plants in chemical recovery

Improve your recausticizing performance

Recausticizing is an important part of your pulp mill’s chemical recovery process. The more efficiently you are able to recover valuable cooking chemicals, the less you need to invest in new ones. The quality of filtrated white liquor, green liquor and lime mud depends greatly on the ability of the filter fabrics

Efficient and reliable performance

Quick and easy installation

High capacity

High dry solids content

Efficient and reliable recausticizing

Valmet is the world leading supplier of filter fabrics for recausticization processes in pulp mills. The most important applications of recausticizing are the filtration of white liquor and lime mud.

We invite you to utilize our filtration expertise and reap the full benefits from increased recausticizing efficiency. Our filter fabrics feature:

Easy and quick installation

• Tailor-made product
• Good fit
• Performed by the plant’s own personnel

Runnability at its best

• High capacity
• Good filtration clarity
• High dry solids content
• Operational reliability

Optimized process management

• Fabric changes according to planned shutdowns
• Minimized need for water/acid washes
• Well-balanced recausticizing process

Valmet can provide you with all filter fabrics required in the recovery of cooking chemicals. Our products feature truly proven technology and can be fitted with all filters available on the market.

We manufacture:
• Lime mud filter fabrics
• Filter fabrics for white and green liquors
• Filter fabrics for dregs

Other Valmet recausticizing products:
• Pressure filter tubes
• Drum grids
• Replacement parts

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Mill site filter cloth related services in North America

Our over 50 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of filtration products makes us uniquely capable of helping you solve your toughest filtration challenges. From disc filter optimization to leaf testing, our team of experienced technicians can help you get the most of your filtration equipment.

We can assist you during scheduled shutdowns and are available for emergency service as well. Whatever your filtration challenges are, we are ready to help.

Some of the key services we offer include:

• Field service technicians & supervision
• Filter media and wire cloth installation services
• On-site & Off-site disc sector recovery
• Mechanical maintenance services

These are just some of the ways we can help you improve your filtration processes. Contact us for further information.

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