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The IntelliTissue platform is a natural extension of Valmet's offer to provide the widest product portfolio in the market.

Thanks to the trusted and comprehensive solutions, it can ensure high quality products in a sustainable way both in the manufacturing of the equipment and when operating the machine.

We know how crucial it is to adapt to market challenges and our experts are happy to help you choose the right solutions to match your needs.

With Valmet as a partner you receive the best technology, an international network of service centers, and a worldwide expert network ready to help you. Valmet is always close to you.

Want to optimize your tissue production?

Together we can indentify specific needs or wishes for each machine component.

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When it comes to formation area in the range of middle size and small paper machines, it is important to ensure a stable basis weight profile, great sheet formation, and fiber orientation. Valmet’s IntelliJet V provides a proven production process and proven reliability. 

The proven Crescent Former technology adds high product quality with minimum pick-outs and web breaks in the wet-end. The IntelliFormer is applicable for new machines and rebuilds.


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IntelliJet V Headbox
IntelliFormer Crescent Former


The IntelliPress maximizes the amount of water removed from the tissue sheet while optimizing machine efficiency and product quality. The press section is equipped with a large Suction Press Roll but can also be equipped with an Advantage ViscoNip press. Proven technology, easy maintenance, and high drying performance will contribute to achieve the production goals.

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Advantage ViscoNip press


An effective drying process is the key for energy saving and good final product properties. The IntelliYD drying cylinder ensure reliable operation and efficient heat transfer. Increase production capabilities with the Intelli Yankee Dryer complemented with an IntelliHood.

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The Reel’s main task is to provide efficient, continuous paper winding. Valmet IntelliReel guides the paper web in an optimal way to ensure the best final product properties. The reel operations are fully automatic and ensure smooth and efficient operation with maximum performance for a wide range of grades.

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A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

At Valmet Technology Center we can offer the opportunity to experiment and develop tissue products and processes without having to put your own production on hold. Follow the activities in the trials on site or remotely through live streaming cameras. Pilot trials are very cost-efficient compared to expensive tests in tissue maker's own production. Naturally we work under strict confidentiality.

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