Agreements for asset reliability and process optimization for tissue producers

Secure sustainable results through long-term partnership and the right combination of services

Are you looking to reach production, capacity and availability targets, improve resource efficiency and environmental compliance, process & machine efficiency and quality improvements? Make savings in costs, find the right skills and competences and improve chemical savings? Enable energy efficiency improvements that leads to improved end-product quality and energy, fiber and water savings? Together we reach set goals and KPIs for your operations and maximized reliability and optimized performance by collaboration. Process stability, desired production output, technical availability, process & production efficiency are the results of long-term partnership and right combination of services throughout the lifecycle of your plant.

72% less sheet breakage

5% production increase

15% less drying energy

Meet Kenneth Appel: With 30 years plus experience in tissue industry, Kenneth Appel is driven to help customers reach sustainability targets. Listen to what he has to say on the topic.

What is a performance agreement for tissue producers?

Our agreements for asset reliability and process optimization - Performance Agreements to match your needs

We offer several models to suit various needs, ranging from equipment, machine, entire process to mill-wide partnership

Key values and benefits when teaming up with Valmet:

  • Easy purchasing
  • Secured availability of products and resources 
  • Cost predictability
  • Performance results based on mutually agreed targets

Increase safety and sustainability of the drying section

Did you know that the drying section consumes as much as 70% of all energy needed in the tissue-making process and therefore is a tissue mill’s major source of CO2? Or that the huge Yankee cylinder taking care of the drying process is a pressurized vessel filled with hot steam, causing a safety risk if not maintained appropriately? We know, and to optimize your drying process for safer and more sustainable tissue production we have developed a new agreement. Do you want to know more about Drying Section Health and Performance Agreement? Please contact our experts.

Reaching sustainable results through energy efficiency improvements

Energy costs can cover over 30% of the total costs in the tissue industry. The improvements are made by combining services, automation and industrial internet solutions and have an impact on:

  • Production capacity
  • Water usage
  • Energy & process efficiency
  • End-product quality
Are you ready to succeed with us?

Are you ready to succeed with us?

Our experts are here for you and ready to discuss your challenges. Answer a few questions and we will contact you shortly.


Execution through collaboration

  • With continuous and systematic tissue mill development we help you to secure asset performance and financial assurance
  • We offer customized improvement programs for competitiveness and profitability
  • There are several options how you want to engage your operations with Valmet