Start-up lines - X Series

Save time and labor on the line while remaining competitive in multiple verticals. X Series Converting Lines are designed specifically for entry-level production of best-cost folded products, delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions in compact and versatile equipment.


The MTC X-FIT1 ensures high-efficiency production of large format products. Manage energy consumption and folding quality control with the innovative cross-folding vacuum roller and combined vacuum pump system and folding knives — all while achieving speeds of 150m/min and 15 logs/min output. 

High product quality

High efficiency

Quick changeover

This high-efficiency line has been designed to reach a maximum production speed of 150m/min with an output of 15log/min processing even large format reels (3,700 mm). The patented vacuum folding allows to significantly reduce energy consumption and guarantees high efficiency and the best product quality. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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