Valmet IQ Single-Sided IR Moisture Measurement

The Valmet IQ Single-Sided IR Moisture Measurement (IQ Single-Sided IR Moisture) is an advanced infrared backscatter moisture sensor. It can be used as a standalone online moisture sensor for a wide range of applications or as part of IQ Scanner installations.

Improve quality and stability with online moisture measurement and continuous process control

Reduce startup and grade change times with quick target moisture setting

Utilize fast 1 millisecond measurement rate for process variation diagnostics

Advanced optics for moisture measurement flexibility

The IQ Single-Sided IR Moisture Measurement is designed especially for demanding paper, board, and pulp & paper converting applications. The measurement wavelengths, calculation algorithms, optical construction, and measurement speed are optimized for high-speed fiber-based webs.

Measuring both moisture percentage and temperature using IR technology, its special optical design enables long measuring distances for single-spot moisture measurements. With a wide moisture range and sheet temperature measurement capabilities, the sensor can be installed in a variety of locations as a standalone sensor or as part of a Valmet IQ Scanner implementation.

Leverage advantages of online moisture data

Infrared (IR) light is focused into a high-intensity beam at the measurement point of the Valmet IQ Single-Sided IR Moisture sensor. As the IR light passes and scatters from the measured surface, it is absorbed at certain wavelengths by water and other components. The resulting moisture determination is independent of sheet composition and environmental effects.

Fast, accurate online measurements help reduce waste as you can follow continuous information from the process. In scanning applications, moisture profiles at the highest resolution with fast measurement responses support precise control of MD and CD properties. The high-speed measurements also allow the sensor to be used for diagnostic analysis of wet end and machine condition.

The sensors are pre-calibrated based on customer samples for fast startup with the best possible performance. Extended self-monitoring features, including internal temperature, humidity, power consumption and intelligent standardization, help keep the sensor accurate and reliable.