Micro-droplet moisturizing systems

Valmet IQ Moisturizer

Valmet IQ Moisturizer is the most advanced family of moisturizing systems available. The IQ Moisturizer’s two-stage spray head delivers a balanced, application-matched mixture of air and water for all paper and board grades, converters and coaters.

High-efficiency, low-maintenance moisturizing

The Valmet IQ Moisturizer features spray nozzles designed specifically for rewetting in paper, board, corrugate and coating applications. The nozzles generate rotating air that takes the water from the spray head and transforms it into a highly atomized, full-cone spray pattern. The small droplet size combined with high velocity ensures absorption.

The IQ Moisturizer actuators are also engineered for moisturizing. The electro-mechanical actuators deliver precise and consistent water flow for the best response stability through the flow range. Stepless control with position feedback enables precise positioning and diagnostics.

Advanced system diagnostics combined with plug-free actuator and nozzle designs ensure excellent reliability. Any possible disturbances in your moisturizing application can be quickly identified, located and resolved proactively. Actuators are in a separate cabinet instead of the boom, so access is easier and working conditions safer.

For paper and board

For all paper and board grades, the IQ Moisturizer allows careful control of CD profiling, curling and moisture level increase in multiple different applications. The consistent wetting spray is applied so that an even, flat moisture profile is achieved across the entire web surface.

For more sensitive applications and installation locations, we offer an optional air sealing and spray mist removal system. The high-performance moisturizing system provides the smoothest moisture level increase and moisture profiling available on the market without spray mist leaking.

Benefits for papermakers:

  • Improved CD moisture 2-sigma and moisture profile correction
  • Better calendering gloss and smoothness
  • Increased production and even moisture profiles
  • Fewer breaks due to better runnability

For corrugators

For corrugated board makers, the IQ Moisturizer allows you to correct warping, decrease cracking tendencies and optimize glue consumption. The spray boom is designed to meet corrugator process requirements and is equipped with a steam heated cover to ensued drip-free operation.

The robust air swirl from the IQ Moisturizer nozzle gives an extra fine and uniform atomized spray to control warping. Together with Valmet IQ measurements for automatic MD/CD control, the IQ Moisturizer delivers warp-free production in all circumstances.

Benefits for corrugators:

  • Control warping and increase flatness
  • Optimize gluing penetration before double backer
  • Decrease cracking during converting processes
  • Increase converting throughput with minimum waste

For laminators and coaters

Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer is a perfect solution to correct all kinds of curl and cross direction moisture profile issues. With IQ Converting Moisturizer, self-adhesive label manufacturers and coaters can control curl much faster, more efficiently and more accurately compared with conventional steam or spray systems.

With a remoistening capacity up to five times higher compared with conventional systems, the IQ Moisturizer is an excellent choice for high-speed lines. The moisturizer can be connected to Valmet IQ Converting Scanner by using IQ CD/MD controls to stabilize product quality during speed and grade changes.

The IQ Moisturizer improves product quality and total productivity. Accurate moisturizing with fast response times enables quick and effective production changes that minimize off-spec running. By eliminating steam from laminating processes, the IQ Moisturizer reduces operational costs, capital expenditure, waste as well as carbon footprint.

Benefits of laminators and coaters:

  • Control and reduce curl and increase self-adhesive paper/board/laminate flatness
  • Minimize production waste and control end quality
  • Increased converting machine throughput
  • Reduce the laminating process's carbon footprint by eliminating steam usage