Valmet IQ Warp Measurement

The Valmet IQ Warp Measurement (IQ Warp) is a new solution for improving the performance of corrugator machines. Online measurements from the IQ Warp enable monitoring and control of warping properties in real time.

Utilize high measurement speed and accuracy for online warp control applications

Improve runnability of corrugator lines with less curl and warping

Easy installation, calibration and startup

Purpose-built for corrugators, warp control for everyone

Warping is an all-too-common challenge in corrugated board production. To enable proactive warp controls, we created the Valmet IQ Warp, an online sensor providing fully optimized warp information.

With special image analysis combined to laser and camera technology, the measurement provides board sheet warp profiles from both upper and lower stackers in the corrugator. As an independent online warp (curl) measurement, the IQ Warp is particularly well suited for corrugators, yet it is equally effective for a wide range of other paper and board applications.

Laser focus for fine-tuned warp control

A safe, focused laser creates an illuminated line across the board surface. As the running sheet traverses the laser line, a high-resolution industrial video camera captures changes any changes. The Valmet IQ Warp detects even the smallest variations in the curvature of the board.

Captured images are analyzed by intelligent algorithms to yield a precise warping angle measurement and corresponding warp index. Thanks to the advanced image analysis and the positioning of laser and camera, the measurement is unaffected by creasing or shadows.

You can view the measurement data and video using a simple browser-based interface directly from a display at the control cabinet. The cabinet also supports connections to automation systems and remote displays via the Valmet ACN MR controller.