The smart way to reach coat weight goals

Valmet IQ Coat Weight Profiler

The Valmet IQ Coat Weight Profiler is a high-resolution CD coat weight profiler for achieving accurate profiles quickly and efficiently in blade and film coaters.

Improved runnability - Boost performance in the coater as well as in calenders and winders

Increased savings - Achieve superior coat weight profiles with less fiber and less broke

Efficient changes - Get back on spec faster after breaks and changes

Maximize the coating process output

Cross-direction coat weight uniformity is an important factor in overall machine efficiency – especially after blade changes and breaks. Production stoppage and the ensuing lost production time are costly. The Valmet IQ Coat Wight Profiler gets you back up to speed and on-spec faster than ever before, generating significant savings immediately.

After startups and grade changes, the exceptional performance IQ Coat Wight Profiler ensures your 2-sigma value stabilizes within just a few minutes. The compact and lightweight IQ Coat Weight Profiler provides fast smoothing of the coat weight profile, reducing broke after breaks and blade changes. You can reach higher coat weight levels without sacrificing profile quality. With the IQ Coat Wight Profiler, you can achieve 60% or higher improvement in 2-sigma Coat Weight values.

Precision where it counts

The coating challenges are many, from off-spec rejections to web breaks and wet streaks that lead to runnability problems for coaters, calenders and winders. The Valmet IQ Coat Weight CD Profiler tackles these problems with its precise and rapid adaptive positioning system and advanced actuator technology.

The profilers are located close to the blade. Their compact size ensures excellent visibility of the blade is maintained. Powerful stepper motors with adaptive variable speed drives are measured and controlled simultaneously. Adjustments across an entire system of actuators happen in seconds. Our custom designed gearing helps the IQ Coat Weight Profiler hit targets without overshoot or corrective actions.

Precisely controlled zones have positioning accuracy of ±2 um, and the rigid self-locking gear prevents movement of non-positioning actuators. Not only do you achieve process stabilization in the minimum time, but you can enjoy some of the fastest grade changes and process upset recoveries possible.

Turnkey coat weight profile solution

The Valmet IQ Coat Weight Profiler system can be supplied as a turnkey delivery and tailored to match most film or blade coaters running in either stiff or bent-blade modes, regardless of the head manufacturer. IQ Coat Weight Profiler is completely pre-assembled and tested at Valmet before delivery, making the whole solution easy to install.

A full range or real-time diagnostics gives you the confidence you need to run at full speed. With accurate feedback on each actuator, you can conduct preventive maintenance for optimum operation with minimum downtime.