Induction heating for precise caliper and gloss control

Valmet IQ Induction Profiler

Solid base for coating - minimize coating consumption and improve coat weight

Better runnability - speed up calender and winder with better, larger reel build

Higher quality coated paper and board - significantly improve gloss level and CD profiling

High heating efficiency

Using non-contact induction heating of the steel roller surface, the IQ Induction Profiler delivers exceptional power-to-roll efficiency. With 60 mm control zones, heat is applied in narrow, precise zones for high-resolution control of caliper and gloss quality. Localized thermal expansion increases nip load to the lower caliper and increase control of the caliper and hardness profile. The IQ Induction Profiler can also reach higher roll surface temperatures to generate better gloss and smoothness without losing efficiency.

Improved calender and winder performance

The Valmet IQ Induction Profiler can be added to any type of steel roll calenders. With high-performance heating, you get better runnability in calender and winders with fewer breaks. You not only get a production boost from higher machine speed, but also better reel builds. You can use larger reel diameters while generating less broke. The higher quality caliper and gloss help improve runnability on the printing press as well.

Advanced caliper and gloss control

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the Valmet IQ Induction Profiler features insulated, removable covers and adjustable coil plates with shock absorbing springs. The smooth coil and front plate surfaces are simple and quick to clean.

IQ Induction Profiler is complemented by IQ Caliper CD Control which optimizes paper caliper profile. Direct caliper measurement and control achieve significant reductions in roll culls. IQ Induction Profiler with IQ Gloss CD Control offers excellent gloss CD profiles, especially on coated paper and board grades.