Remote pilot trials

Every day we develop our offering and services to best match paper and board makers’ needs. Piloting is one of our core assets when developing solutions together with customers. A vital part of a fluent collaboration with customers is to maintain the research and development work even in uncertain times. Our pilot facilities for board and paper making and finishing are equipped with online video monitoring systems, making trials available also remotely – no matter, where you are located.

I was really impressed and happy about Valmet’s remote pilot trials. Especially a camera located inside a curtain coater gave a good view about the trial.

Customer comment after a remote pilot trials with Valmet

Services included in remote pilot trials


  • Live monitoring of pilot trials remotely via online video connection
  • Pilot samples delivered to customer after trials
  • Comprehensive report of trial results delivered to customer after trials

Our best experts are available for you through the remote trials. Our specialists have a deep understanding of machinery, processes, and automation and with remote connections and tools, we can offer the pilot trials without delay – and more efficiently than before.

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Remote piloting is a great opportunity for our customers to effectively proceed with their investment projects during restricted traveling conditions. Through a video connection, we can demonstrate the most essential pilot trial elements to our customers. Daily online meetings keep customers up to date about trials progress.

Krista Nukarinen, Paper Technology Manager, Valmet