Almost 100 students awarded a Valmet scholarship in China

Feb 2, 2024

Valmet’s social responsibility program supports selected local projects around the world promoting science, nature and equal opportunities. In China, Valmet continues its tradition to grant scholarships to undergraduate students in three industry universities and set up new scholarships to postgraduate students in five industry universities with the theme “Towards the future with science".

Group of students in front of a university building

At Guangxi University, Ma Xiaowei, Valmet West China Director (back row, on the left) and Linda Lin, Human Resources from new Beihai Service Center (back row, on the right) attended the award ceremony and took photos with the teachers and students.

Through the scholarships, Valmet wants to further support industrial talent development and promote innovation and sustainable development in pulp, paper and energy industries in China.

Together for a sustainable future

At the end of 2023, the award ceremonies for the scholarships were organized in five universities, and a total of 47 undergraduate and 42 postgraduate students were awarded this honor.

“The scholarships are an important recognition to the best students for their achievements, but the program also boosts the cooperation between Valmet and the universities. Together we can encourage the graduates to continue their journey within the field of research and contribute to the green and sustainable development of the pulp, paper and energy industries through innovation,” says Jingwei Liu, Head of Marketing and Communications, Valmet China.

Award ceremonies were organized at the universities in the end of 2023

At Nanjing Forestry University, Xie Daorong, Vice President of Valmet China Key Account Management and East Region (front row, 9th from right), and Hazel Zang, China Talent Acquisition Manager (front row,11th from right) were invited to participate in the final selection of the "Nanshan Contention" Graduate Academic Forum and Valmet Scholarship award ceremony.

At Qilu University of Technology, Liu Jingwei and Hazel Zang attended the award ceremony and shared information about Valmet's latest technologies and career planning with the teachers and students.

At Shaanxi University, Liu Jingwei presented awards to postgraduate scholarship recipients.

At South China University of Technology, Helena Lamberg, Vice President of Marketing Communications and Strategy, Valmet Services Business Line (back row, second from right), was invited to the event and attended the award ceremony with Jingwei Liu, Head of Marketing and Communications, Valmet China (back row, third from right), and Peng Yunyun, China Strategic Development Manager and South China University of Technology alumnus (back row, on the right).

Valmet's global social responsibility program

Valmet has expanded its global social responsibility program initiated in 2020 with new area-specific local projects around the world.

Valmet’s social responsibility program is part of the company’s sustainability agenda implementation. The program is based on three themes promoting science, nature and equal opportunities: ‘​Towards the future with science’, ‘Protecting the planet for next generations’​ and ‘Equal opportunities for wellbeing’​.

Based on these themes, several local projects in Valmet’s operating areas around the world have been selected to the program. Valmet’s local personnel has participated in the planning and preparation of the projects, and the final selection has been made by employee voting.


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