Let the good energy circulate

Dec 8, 2023

Valmet’s social responsibility program supports selected local projects around the world that promote science, nature and equal opportunities. In Brazil, we support the Gerando Falcões network and its special program called Circuito Inclusão (Inclusion Circuit) under the theme “Equal opportunities for wellbeing”.

Man and a boy running and pushing another child in a wheelchair

Circuito Inclusão provided special chairs to make it possible for everyone in the family to participate. 

Circuito Inclusão is a non-governmental organization that works on the inclusion of people with disabilities and their families, promoting leisure activities and accessibility opportunities, such as adaptation of toys and electronic devices. 

In October 2023, Circuito Inclusão organized the 5th Inclusive Leisure Street Race in Contagem in Minas Gerais State, just twenty kilometers outside of Belo Horizonte.

Besides running, the event offered people with disabilities a day of fun and different activities with their families and the local community. The program included for example stretching, a capoeira show, solidarity fair, massage, blood pressure measuring, pop-up beauty salon, thrift store, book exchange and breast cancer care. 

A pop-up beauty salon offered small makeovers. 

Valmet donated fabrics to the event 

The event's program included all kinds of activities for the participants to enjoy: stretching, a capoeira show, solidarity fair, massage, blood pressure measuring, pop-up beauty salon, thrift store, book exchange and breast cancer care. 

200 visitors also received a goodie bag – and not just any bag. The bags were sewn by students of a sewing course organized by Circuito Inclusão. Valmet donated the fabrics used for the bags. 

"The donation of the fabrics was extremely important, as it fostered the students' experience of creative sewing to finishing the bags. The bags had a unique look, which made it special to hand them over to the participants,” celebrates Débora Batista, CEO and Founder of the Circuito Inclusão. 


The bags were personalized with colorful handles. 

Fabric donation is a nice continuation to an earlier activity, where Valmeteers from Belo Horizonte participated in an entrepreneurship program, teaching local women how to perform sewing services in order to have a complementary income.  

"I’m proud to be part of a company that strengthens its positive impact on communities and promotes a culture of corporate social responsibility," says Lucilene Bozzi, Production Supervisor. 

Used laptops get a new life 

And still, there’s more to Valmet's partnership with Circuito Inclusão. As part of the cooperation, Valmet recently donated used laptops to the organization.  

"I feel grateful knowing that the computers that before contributed to Valmet's success are now contributing to an even greater purpose: enabling the digital inclusion of these very special people, who show great effort and dedication. With this donation, we can support the education and preparation for the job market of possible unknown talents," says Fernando Vieira, IT Manager at Valmet in Araucária.

Valmet's global social responsibility program

Valmet has expanded its global social responsibility program initiated in 2020 with new area-specific local projects around the world.

Valmet’s social responsibility program is part of the company’s sustainability agenda implementation. The program is based on three themes promoting science, nature and equal opportunities: ‘​Towards the future with science’, ‘Protecting the planet for next generations’​ and ‘Equal opportunities for wellbeing’​.

Based on these themes, several local projects in Valmet’s operating areas around the world have been selected to the program. Valmet’s local personnel has participated in the planning and preparation of the projects, and the final selection has been made by employee voting.


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