Valmet renovates children’s sports field at Dąbrówka Orphanage in Poland

Mar 7, 2024

Valmet’s social responsibility program continues with local projects around the world promoting science, nature and equal opportunities. In the EMEA area, Valmet supports Dąbrówka Orphanage in Jelenia Góra, Poland, by renovating the orphanage’s old sports field to further improve the children’s access to meaningful activities and equal opportunities for wellbeing.

Old sports field with a basketball hoop

The sports field will receive a new surface as well as new goals and basketball hoops. 

Dąbrówka Orphanage and Valmet’s cooperation goes back a long time, as it was initiated already by the former PMP Group that Valmet acquired in 2020. Last year, Valmet continued to support the orphanage through its social responsibility program, donating a vehicle to enable safe transportation to school, leisure time activities or specialist doctors.  

The vehicle Valmet donated last year has made a big difference in the orphanage’s everyday life, as it provides safe transportation to school, leisure activities and specialist doctors. 

This year, Valmet will renovate the orphanage’s sports field, providing children with a safe space for various activities. The old field will be covered with a new polypropylene surface and equipped with new goals and basketball hoops. The renovation work will commence early in the spring. 

“We are happy to once again support the Dąbrówka orphanage. The current sports field, despite its poor condition, is eagerly used by the children and their friends from school who come after classes to play. Renovating the field will further improve the children’s access to meaningful activities and promote equal opportunities and integration with others,” says Ignacy Dumin, Communication and Digital Marketing Manager, EMEA at Valmet. 

Sports field is not just a sports field 

The Orphanage Director Katarzyna Lenart-Wyrobek is thankful for the renovation of the sports field and believes it will open new opportunities for the children. 

“The renovation is not just a cosmetic transformation but, above all, an investment in the children’s development and wellbeing. Being able to play sports contributes to shaping strong characters, fostering passions, and strengthening social bonds. Improved safety during activities ensures a calm environment for learning and growth. We are confident that the new sports field will become a place where dreams are born and talents are nurtured," she says. 

Children are the future 

Valmet expanded its global social responsibility program with several area-specific projects in 2022. The local projects kicked off successfully during 2023, touching the lives of many individuals and local communities around the world. Based on the feedback, the social responsibility program is highly appreciated by Valmet’s employees. 

 “In Poland, the cooperation with Dąbrówka orphanage has increased employee engagement and we are proud of our employer for supporting the local children and youth. We believe that they, despite and especially because of the difficulties they have faced, have the right to be provided with the same opportunities in life as their peers from school,” Ignacy Dumin says. 

Valmet’s initiative has been also acknowledged in the local community as Valmet was selected the Company of the Year 2023 in Jelenia Góra.

By watching the video below, you'll hear what Valmet's Communication and Digital Marketing Manager Ignacy Dumin thinks about Valmet's social responsibility program and the cooperation with Dąbrówka orphanage:

Valmet's global social responsibility program

Valmet has expanded its global social responsibility program initiated in 2020 with new area-specific local projects around the world.

Valmet’s social responsibility program is part of the company’s sustainability agenda implementation. The program is based on three themes promoting science, nature and equal opportunities: ‘​Towards the future with science’, ‘Protecting the planet for next generations’​ and ‘Equal opportunities for wellbeing’​.

Based on these themes, several local projects in Valmet’s operating areas around the world have been selected to the program. Valmet’s local personnel has participated in the planning and preparation of the projects, and the final selection has been made by employee voting.


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