Valmet Spain awarded for health and safety work

Aug 30, 2021

Valmet Spain giving a speech when accepting the award remotely.

Valmet works to provide safe and healthy workplaces by investing in a positive safety culture, collaborating with customers and partners and constantly improving processes and practices.

Recently Valmet received recognition for its health and safety actions, as Valmet Spain was awarded with the Healthy Company Award in the 7th edition of the Annual Award Ceremony of the Spanish mutual insurance company “MAZ”. The award is known nationwide and recognizes the good work done on health-related issues in industrial companies.

Valmet Spain was specifically awarded in the category of big companies, because of the variety and quantity of its health and safety actions.

“We encourage our people and partners to continuously bring up ideas, concerns, suggestions and observations to make the workplace even safer and healthier,” explains Jose Antonio Lahoz Grima, Valmet Spain HSE Operations Manager. “We have more than twenty improvement groups taking the ideas into action. Of course many actions in recent times have been against Covid-19.” 

Valmet monitors the Covid-19 virus outbreak very closely and has been working hard to ensure that Valmet employees and teams worldwide have up-to-date information and guidance about the situation.

“In Valmet Spain, we are deeply thankful for this award, but we consider it not only a recognition of the good work done, but to improve our actions even further,” says José Luis Dávila González, General Maintenance Manager at Valmet Spain.