Better brightness for a more sustainable mill

Valmet Bleaching Optimizer

Valmet Bleaching Optimizer

Chemical bleaching is a harsh process with potentially heavy environmental impact. With the Valmet Bleaching Optimizer, you can be sure you are using as few chemicals as possible to reach your target brightness.

Reduce chemical consumption 7-15%

Lower AOX in effluent for easier wastewater treatment

Increase bleaching capacity by up to 3%

Improve final brightness with 20-40% reduction in variability

Enhanced bleaching control achieved using the Valmet Bleaching Optimizer helps keep final brightness stable and good quite while also enabling higher production capacity.

Reduce chemical consumption through less variation and better chemical distribution to each stage of the process. You also get less washer fouling thanks to lower, more stable washing loss (COD) and pH optimization in each stage.

With less chemicals going into the bleaching process, the environment also benefits from reduced AOX/COD content in effluent.