Valmet Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Optimizer

Valmet Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Optimizer

The amount and quality of dust and potential carry-over are a direct result of the burning process in the boiler furnace. Boiler section fouling is related to the amount of dust as well as to boiler construction and production rate. Fouling decreases heat transfer to the water and steam and increases flue gas exit temperature thereby reducing the recovery boiler’s thermal efficiency. Extensive fouling also restricts boiler availability.


  • Fouling criteria calculation

  • Sootblower selections

  • Sootblower efficiency monitoring

  • Self-tuning

  • Boiler efficiency monitoring and reporting


  • Enhances recovery boiler availability - extended water washing intervals

  • Results lower sootblowing steam consumption

  • Self Tuning adapts the sootblowing need to the production environment