Comprehensive debottlenecking throughout a pulp mill

Valmet Causticizing Optimizer

Valmet Causticizing Optimizer

The Valmet Causticizing Optimizer maximizes green liquor TTA and causticizing efficiency, ensuring maximum white liquor concentration to the digester and high availability of the recovery process.

Boost evaporation plant and recovery boiler capacity

Increase causticizing production capacity

Reduce active alkali variability by 40-60%

By optimizing the entire causticizing process, the Valmet Causticizing Optimizer provides benefits for the whole pulp mill. High active alkali concentration in white liquor achieved with the optimizer leads to less inactive deadload through the liquor cycle.

An optimized liquor cycle improves the energy efficiency of the digester, the evaporation plant, as well as the recovery boiler. With less water and inactive cooking chemicals in circulation, you get higher production capacity from your existing process equipment.