Improve evaporation plant capacity

Valmet Evaporation Optimizer

Valmet Evaporation Optimizer

Increase pulp production by improving evaporation capacity with the Valmet Evaporation Optimizer.

3-8% - Lower steam consumption and higher evaporation capacity

30-60% - Higher black liquor stability

20-50% - Less concentrator washing with longer washing intervals

The Valmet Evaporation Optimizer plays a central role in improving the sustainability of pulp mills. By lowering steam consumption, not only does pulp mill energy usage go down, but carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

You can also dramatically reduce black liquor dry solids variability, enabling you to reach a higher firing liquor dry solids target and generate more steam in the recovery boiler. At the same time, overall availability of the evaporation plant improves as washing intervals can be extended thanks to decreased fouling.