Reliable architecture

Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System

Valmet DNAe features an exceptionally reliable architecture, guaranteeing uninterrupted availability to keep your operations running smoothly. This rock-solid foundation is coupled with a secure, decentralized network model, allowing you to access all applications safely, whether they reside on-premise or in the cloud. The highly scalable system adapts to your needs, seamlessly handling everything from single machines to multi-site processes.

Highly available

Redundant design ensures continuous operations with minimal downtime

Networked architecture

Standardized network architectures guarantee secure connectivity across all levels


Versatile architecture scales from single machines to large mill-wide processes

Secure architecture provides controlled access to all relevant information

At the core of Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System is the Trusted Information Framework (TIF). It is the backbone for communication and data modeling across all automation system functionalities such as user interface management, real-time and advanced process controls, system and application configuration, and process data collection for analytics. The TIF framework streamlines vertical OT/IT and cloud connectivity and horizontal communication interfaces for external systems. Built upon the TIF foundation, Valmet DNAe architecture is cyber-secure by design, featuring measures such as role-based access control, authentication protocols, comprehensive audit trails, and encryption mechanisms.


High availability architecture with comprehensive network redundancy

Valmet DNAe architecture is engineered with redundancy and fault tolerance at its core, ensuring reliability and uptime for operations. In selecting critical components for the Valmet DNAe, prioritizing reliability has been paramount. Each component, from controllers to communication devices, undergoes a thorough examination to guarantee interoperability and reliability across the system at all levels. 

Valmet DNAe offers high-availability system networks across all network levels with a combination of robust industry-approved protocols and target-specific redundancy solutions:

  • Server-level network segments utilize Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). On this level RSTP -protocol ensures enhanced network resilience by quickly detecting and recovering from network link failures and this way minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation of the server-level networks
  • Process control network segments utilize Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP). The PRP -protocol eliminates communication switchover delays and interruptions in the event of a single failure which ensures seamless operation and uninterrupted data transmission which is critical for real-time control and monitoring
  • On IO and Fieldbus networks ValmetDNAe uses target-specific redundancy solutions that can be tailored according to the requirements of specific applications


Scalable architecture with validated systems structures

Valmet DNAe architecture is scalable and features validated system structures. Architecture is designed to accommodate a range of needs, from single-machine control to plant-wide systems or multi-site processes. Valmet DNAe ensures performance and cybersecurity across any scale automation systems. System expansions are seamless and can be done incrementally with minimal downtime. Standardized system structures are designed and tested for consistency, reliability, and cybersecurity. These standardized architectures adhere to the ISA-95 reference architecture model.

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