Configuration Environment for Agile Engineering

Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System

Experience the next generation of automation configuration with Valmet DNAe Configuration Environment. Our innovative platform redefines how engineers configure and maintain automation systems, offering a seamless and intuitive experience throughout the plant lifecycle.

Intuitive global configuration environment

A unified web-based environment for controls, user interface, diagnostics, and automation system enables efficient configuration in the office, field, and remotely

Faster adaption and efficient onboarding

Configuration environment relies on IEC programming language standards, easing the learning curve for new users and greatly increasing the number of applicable people

Efficient troubleshooting and diagnostics

The field-proven tools are efficient in everyday use and enable instant troubleshooting. They help you to improve availability and operator-maintenance collaboration

Proven applications by leading experts

The purposely made, optimized, and tested applications ensure that you rely on the best up-to-date process knowledge while reducing project risks

Efficient Configuration Management with Valmet DNAe Configuration Browser

Valmet DNAe Configuration Browser serves as the foundation of our configuration environment, integrating designer, diagnostics, and testing tools. The configuration environment offers hierarchical views of the automation system, providing users with a comprehensive overview.

Empowering efficient configuration management, the Configuration Browser facilitates easy creation, browsing, and editing of different configuration objects. Advanced features include bulk editing and application generation capabilities, enhancing project development and maintenance efficiency.

Experience streamlined control application development with Valmet DNAe Function Designer. Built on the foundation of the IEC 61131-3 standard for seamless integration and easy onboarding.

Craft precise control applications and sequences effortlessly with Valmet DNAe Function Designer. Intuitive graphical designing interface empowers engineers to create control applications with precision, facilitating seamless implementation into the operational system.

The tool also provides real-time application monitoring and debugging functionality, providing engineers with a detailed insight into application functions to solve potential issues.

A graphical tool for building operator user interface pagesfaceplates, and page hierarchies

Includes also a mode to test UI component behavior before actual download to operator UI nodes.

I/O Monitor: Ensure optimal system performance with real-time diagnostics of I/O channel statuses. Easily monitor the status of I/O channels, empowering you to make informed decisions and maintain system integrity. Authorized users can also make temporary manual overrides of input values or force output values, providing flexibility and control when needed.

Point Browser: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your automation system operations with the Point Browser. Serving as the primary diagnostics and debugging tool for the entire runtime system, the Point Browser offers a holistic view of system operations. Easily navigate and analyze system data, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution.

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