Open and secure connectivity on all levels

Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System

Open and secure connectivity between OT and IT systems

Valmet DNAe connects easily and securely to versatile interfaces with standard communication protocols. These interfaces facilitate seamless communication between Valmet DNAe and external OT and IT systems. Data collection and transfer is seamless from field devices and control systems to the cloud. Easy remote connections enable efficient operations and support.

Holistic visibility to data

High availability data collection for enhanced reliability, availability, and visibility of data

Standard protocols

Reliable links between field devices and systems, ensuring uninterrupted real-time control and monitoring

Seamless OT/IT connectivity

Seamless transmission of data to and from the cloud and between systems

Cybersecure interfaces

Secure connectivity protecting the integrity of collected data

Open connectivity on every level

Valmet DNAe ensures seamless transmission of data to and from the cloud, enabling centralized management and analysis. With robust data management and analytics capabilities, we process and analyze real-time data, empowering users to make data-driven decisions. Raw data is transformed into valuable insights that can be utilized by production and enterprise-level systems.

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire plant or mill through reliable communication with third-party systems. We prioritize reliability, availability, and data integrity. Our system collects critical data with precision, enhancing overall performance.

Leverage open communication interfaces to monitor and control various processes and equipment. Valmet DNAe provides uninterrupted real-time control, adhering to industry-standard protocols.

The reliable links between field devices guarantee uninterrupted control and monitoring of processes with industry-standard protocols.

Remote connections for efficient operations and support

In today's interconnected landscape, remote connection to automation system is essential. Valmet DNAe ensures robust, flexible and secure remote connectivity solutions for efficient operations and easy support. 

Wide-scale fieldbus protocol compatibility

With industry standard fieldbuses, such as PROFINET and PROFIBUS, you can connect seamlessly connect field devices ​and other control systems to Valmet DNAe. Availability can be increased with redundancy and monitoring​ via excellent bus diagnostics.

With industry standard links like Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU and OPC UA one can transfer data between different systems and get all data under Valmet DNAe supervision and control.

OPC UA offers most modern communication link with excellent capacity, cybersecurity and data abstraction information. This enable seamless connectivity between systems. With OPC UA alarms and events feature you can exchange related event information between systems.