Valmet IQ Web Caliper Measurement

The Valmet IQ Web Caliper Measurement (IQ Web Caliper) provides precise measurements for Valmet’s CD caliper profile controls on paper and board sheets. Digital signal processing, coil construction and platen pressure control ensure maximum accuracy.

Precisely control MD and CD properties with accurate, stable on-sheet web caliper measurements

Control streaking using 1 cm resolution CD profiles, available after the very first sheet scan

Get accurate online web caliper measurements without impacting runnability

High sensitivity for best caliper control

The Valmet IQ Web Caliper Measurement uses a variable magnetic field established between a stationary energized coil and a floating platen to measure web caliper. As the sheet caliper varies, the magnetic linkage between the two elements changes accordingly, providing a very sensitive indication of sheet caliper.

The high-frequency energized micro-coil system in the detector head is sapphire coated for long life. A temperature-compensated construction minimizes temperature sensitivity.

Precision on every grade

A low-mass design allows the platen to respond quickly to caliper variations. The contact pressure is precisely and quickly controlled by a dedicated microprocessor, keeping a steady pressure on the sheet for stable readings. The low-mass floating platen ensures good sheet runnability along with high sensitivity.

The floating platen mass and contact area are customized to the grade of paper for the best performance from lightweight papers to heavy boards. The platens are coated with a sapphire composite material for durability over a long life.