Valmet IQ IR Moisture Measurement

The accurate scan averages and high-resolution profiles measured by Valmet IQ IR Moisture Measurement (IQ IR Moisture) provide a solid foundation for machine direction and cross direction moisture controls.

Reduce rejects due to moisture streaks and related quality issues

Minimize energy consumption with precise moisture control

Improve MD and CD properties using true percent moisture profiles at the highest resolution and scanning speed

Fundamental precision where it counts

Moisture is a fundamental quality measurement that impacts your production potential. Fast, precise moisture measurements help you avoid quality defects while saving energy by drying at just the right level.

Using no-contact measurement and without wearing and speed limitations of a mechanical filter wheel, the Valmet IQ IR Moisture reliably delivers high-resolution moisture and sheet temperature measurements. Extremely fast IR-based measurements with excellent signal-to-noise ratio reveals even the smallest details. Advanced optical design minimizes passline sensitivity, and built-in standardization compensates for dirt build-up on the sensor window.

Pure moisture readings without interference

The Valmet IQ IR Moisture determines moisture percentage as a pure ratio using the four carefully selected wavelengths with a filler-independent baseline correction model. The percent of moisture determination is independent of sheet composition and environmental effects, eliminating the need for basis weight measurement to determine moisture.

The high-speed sampling and single spot optical design yield very low noise levels, while an InGaAs quad detector keeps measurement stability high. Each Valmet IQ IR Moisture sensor is factory pre-calibrated for applications ranging from tissue to coated and uncoated printing papers and boards.