OptiFlo headbox for running at low speeds

Redesigned headbox turbulence generator provides top-notch quality for specialty grades

Decor papers enable surface upgrades for wood-based substrates for use in the production of furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior design panels.

Every specialty paper and board grade has a niche market and its own needs for the production process. High quality of the end product is vital, and the quality targets must be met constantly without deviations. 

Good formation and perfect visual appearance

Hydraulic headbox for lower speeds

OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox for specialty paper producers

To better meet the needs of those specialty paper producers that run at lower speeds, Valmet has developed a new technology for OptiFlo Fourdrinier headboxes. It enables to expand the speed range of the headbox family even lower than before.

The new OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox technology gives an opportunity to operate at lower machine speeds with hydraulic headboxes instead of using a rectifier headbox, while still providing the needed high quality for the end products. This gives a chance to run at lower headbox flows and lower speeds up to 120m/min.

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Good formation and perfect visual appearance

The key element of the OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox for low speeds is it's completely redesigned headbox turbulence generator, which will provide a high level of performance in the end products.

The requirements for good formation and perfect visual appearance for the end product can be met, making this headbox an excellent alternative for rectifier roll headbox replacements.

The visual samples from pilot trials show even formation over a wide grammage range from 130 gsm (left) to 200 gsm and 220 gsm. The redesigned turbulence generator has been heavily tested in pilot runs at our Paper Technology Center's pilot paper machine.

Flatter sheet and improved strength at Ahlström Munksjö Dettingen PM34 

Watch the video to learn about the Ahlström Munksjö Dettingen PM34 wet end rebuild. Mill manager Thomas Gehring says that "Since the rebuild, we have more constant and flatter grammage variation in both machine and cross direction. After the start-up, the CD deviation improvement was immediately evident from the scanner data. We’re talking about a reduction in deviation of more than 15 percent.” 

The PM 34 produces colored decor paper, and the less color deviation the paper has, the better. Since the rebuild, the mill crew has been able to assess the right color level needed for each customer more quickly. The flatter sheet also helps with changes in color constancy: A more constant sheet means a more constant color level.

Watch the video for full reference details.

How to plan a successful headbox rebuild?

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Main features of OptiFlo Fourdrinier Headbox

The key tehcnologies that make OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox the best choice for specialty paper producers, are explained and displayed in this video. The innovative design of Valmet’s OptiFlo headbox provides the greatest floc breaking ability and flattest profiles available on the market. That ensures that the paper and board products you make is of optimal quality.

All the features of the headbox have been carefully designed to increase machine productivity, while keeping daily operating costs in control.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Planning a grade conversion?

The world is changing fast; the consumption of newsprint and printing paper is decreasing and the consumption of containerboards or cartonboards are increasing. An old paper machine can be updated with a grade conversion rebuild to produce more profitable products. Turn a new page for your paper machine with the help from Valmet.

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